Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ham Radio Blacklist migrated to QSL Code Of Conduct

Since I didn't like "Ham Radio Blacklist" after all I migrated to "QSL Code Of Conduct". I didn't like the old blog name as it sounds very negative. And this new name is comparable with "DX code of Conduct". The QSL card keeps me thinking. Last week Franki ON5ZO and John AE5X wrote interesting things to read about QSLing. What is actually happening with your QSL card. Most do store them in boxes, and some put them on the wall of their radioshack. But what happens when you're (radio)life is over? Well, some of the (Dutch) cards will end in a museum probabely like the QSL card museum in the Netherlands. The manager for that museum is PA1AT Gerard who is also the regional QSL manager for the northern part of the Netherlands. This guy probabely loves QSL!

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