Monday, September 10, 2012

Clublog's OQRS

I've been discussing the use of Online QSL Request System on Clublog. This is a new feature you can attach   to your searchable log which can be published for instance on you blog, website or QRZ page. Can....because you can choose to switch it on or off. The problem actually is that you can't set the expense box to "no charge" or €0,00. As the OQRS system is ment to be one way. Personally I think this feature should only be accessible to DXpeditions and SES stations that have no use for a card in return. Otherwise people could try to make profit out of it. Look at the outrageous amount you can set? I checked in today and see that they now recommend to disable OQRS unless you know what you're doing. See: Keep it in mind when setting up a log and or make use of OQRS.

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